We didn't set out to buy an Airstream today. Research, that's what we called it... comparing various models and trying to determine which would be the best for a married couple to both live and work in, with (eventual) separate work areas available as needed.

Our search started out in the Bay Area (CA), meandering on to Denver, where Timeless Travel Trailers is located. We planned to have them modify whatever we ended up purchasing to make it more suitable for the dual-work-area home we were imagining.

We were starting to feel settled on the International Signature 27FB, after seriously considering but ultimately passing on a bunk model (great space, but you really lose a lot of outward visibility, and the bathroom has storage & appeal issues), when we decided to go ahead and  check prices... to our surprise, the price offered on a nicely-loaded 2015 model was a lot less than we expected. So, long story short, a week later I was giving the newly-christened Gotham Gamer a shakedown cruise in beautiful Golden, CO!

Break it in without breaking it, that was the goal.