Convertible work/dining area

At the end of the 2014 baseball season and another glorious World Series Champions parade through liquid sunshine in downtown SF, we drove the Gotham Gamer south to Bakersfield before heading east to Texas. After a brief detour to the Grand Canyon we rode on to Red Oak, Texas. We had to unload the Gamer before delivering her up to Timeless Travel Trailers in CO. During the summer we'd designed some modifications that would allow us to more easily both work and live full-time in the trailer. These were scheduled to take place - conveniently - between the end of the 2014 post-season and the beginning of 2015 Spring Training. 


Sofa/bed and folding desk in the bedroom

In the meantime we've played the waiting game in Toronto and Red Oak, getting in shape for Scottsdale.



We've built a pretty sweet mobile gym too!