We picked up the updated Gamer on Thursday morning, February 12 and headed north out of Denver with four days to get to Springfield, OR and drop her off for solar panels.

Not surprisingly, we had Tumbleweeds campground all to ourselves

We always intend to leave bright and early but somehow morning departures get pushed closer to noon for one reason or another. On Day 1 it was due to inspecting the Airstream and getting any immediate issues resolved before we left Timeless Travel Trailers. After a short hike up to Wyoming we decided to quit before sun-down so we could deal with any issues we ran into while there was still daylight. State and national parks are our favorites so Curt Gowdy State Park between Cheyenne and Laramie was it for the night.

Our bed is now perpendicular to the trailer so one of the original side windows is now above the bed.

First coffee at our snazzy dinette

Day 2's start was delayed by twiddling with the new hot water heater and dumping our grey water tank (that's the one that holds the sink and shower water). The goal was to get to or near Idaho by end of day so we had a long day ahead.

Thoroughly modern RV parking at East Canyon State Park, Utah

Scanning the route ahead the best stop at the end of Day 2 was East Canyon State Park, about a half hour East of Salt Lake City. We arrived close to 11 pm and had all the joys of locating a site and setting up in the dark with temperatures below freezing. We've done it enough that we get it done pretty quickly but this time we missed the water station at the park entrance - the water is turned off at each site since the pipes freeze in winter  - so it would be a moist towelette shower in the morning. Huzzah.

One of the best things about arriving at night is waking up to see where you are. This sunrise greeted us at East Canyon State Park on Day 3.

Day 3's start was pushed back so we could walk around the park, fill up with fresh water and dump both grey and black (poopie) tanks. By the time we were done with that it was time for lunch of course.

Fine fast food from Maddox Drive In, Brigham City, UT

Further delays ensued while looking for a place that sold wine. We have our priorities. After two attempts in Burley, Idaho we succeeded and were off.

Drive 1,000 in three days and you get a treat

With no state parks and no other good options in Idaho we pushed into Oregon on Day 3 in order to get to Crystal Crane Hot Springs which is in the high desert between Boise, ID and Bend, OR. After hours of white-knuckling down two-lane roads we arrived and were not disappointed. You've got to treat yourself to get through the miles.

The large pond at Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Burns, OR

We're planning an early start to Day 4 of course - we'll see how that turns out - but Springfield, OR, our final destination this trip, is only 5 hours away. We hope.


Curt Gowdy State Park, WY: $22/night. Full hookups. Water and dump station.

East Canyon State Park, UT: $28/night. Full hookups. Water and dump station.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Burns, OR: $28/night, includes 24 hr access to large pond. Two sites with full hookups (requires 2 night stay), the rest have water and electric but no sewer.