Picking up our Airstream after extensive modifications; we're so excited!

The first sign of the changes comes from outside, where the front under-bed access door has moved to the side, the new location of our bed, which was turned sideways to make way for the new desk(s) & wardrobe.

Entering the trailer, the first thing you can see that's different from the standard International Signature is the lounge area, which has been completely replaced with a new convertible lounge, dine, and work-space:

The lounge area has been replaced, losing the gaucho but gaining some much-needed comfort and efficiency improvements. The table (stored under the seat on the right) can convert into a large desk space or a normal sized kitchen table (more photos coming when we get the Airstream back from AM Solar later this week)..

In addition to a large battery area (post coming soon about that) under the central seat, we added a hidden spot for the cat box for our Elder cat, Scout:

One of our biggest complaints about the kitchen area in the original layout was the lack of countertop and storage space, so we addressed both of those by stealing some space previously dedicated to the gaucho and putting in a new cabinet, complete with a drawer and cupboard:

Moving to the bathroom, we've replaced the too-shallow sink and too-low faucet with a much nicer set, including a large frosted glass sink with a motion-activated faucet, plus a new countertop, and (just for fun) some ambient lighting below the sink that doubles as a handy night-light:

The automatic faucet really helps conserve water when washing your hands & face; the lighting is something we saw at the Four Seasons in Denver, and just thought was too cool not to do once we were going with a frosted glass sink.

Moving to the front of the trailer (where the bedroom is), the space has been completely transformed, going from a centered, fixed RV-queen-sized bed, to a sideways, convertible full queen sofa/bed, along with a new wardrobe & night-stand:

The main reason for reconfiguring the bedroom was to make room for the desks, one sit-down and one stand-up:

The process wasn't without it's hiccups (what big projects are?) but all in all, we're pretty pleased with the changes, which allow us to have two separate work areas in the Airstream, along with greater comfort and an overall much more usable live/work area. Up next: solar & lithium!






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